Saturday, May 31, 2008

My New Car

Here's part of the ebay description from the seller:

1966 Plymouth Fury II 4 door station wagon. Has 318 V8 engine, single exhaust, 2v carb. Power Steering, AM / FM radio & automatic transmission. I don't recall any other options; is a basic model type car. No 3rd seat, is only a 6 passenger wagon; but the spare tire mounts along the RH rear fender inside the car; & there is a door to a compartment under the rear cargo area where you can stash enough luggage for several people; & still have the rear compartment area empty!! There is also a roof rack.

The vehicle is TOTALLY road ready; I will GUARANTEE you can fly in & drive it home; no matter where you live (unless it's across the ocean, that is). There is about 60,000 ACTUAL miles on the car. Since I've had it, I've put about 12,000 miles on it. I took all the brakes apart & cleaned, lubricated, adjusted everything, packed the wheel bearings & rebuilt the wheel cylinders. I also installed 4 new radial tires, & tuned the engine, changed all fluids & filters, etc. In about 2004 we took the grandkids on vacation in Rapid City, SD with the car, which is about an 8 hour drive from here. The car ran beautifully with no problem whatsoever. It even helped diagnose a no start problem with a Brand New Chevrolet Suburban that lost it's fuel supply on Needles Highway!!!! I don't remember the mileage we got; but I do have complete history of every drop of gas & every repair, oil added, etc. since I've had the car. I think it gets somewhere in the 15-17 MPG on the highway range.

The entire car, inside & out, looks "almost" showroom. There is NO sandblasting on any of the fenders, hubcaps, bumpers, grille, etc; but there is some paint chipping across the front of the hood. The interior is near mint; the driver's armrest has some of the color rubbing off; & the fabric coated windlace around the driver's door is getting frayed. It has plastic upholstery on the seats; & the seats & carpets look like NOS. There are a few small scrathes & scrapes to the outside, but very few & minor. The paint @ the front edges, top of the front fenders, is getting worn thin from either waxing or the car cover rubbing them. If you want a very fun car that draws a lot of attention & can be driven & enjoyed AS IS, then this is the car for you.

My Bike - edge of town

Today is a beautiful spring day. I'm cleaning up my kayak after it spent the winter in my garage. I went for a couple of nice bike rides today. To the basic Atlas bike, I added rear Wald Baskets, a fender mounted headlight and a 3" reflector to the rear fender.

Right now I'm waiting for a certain ebay auction to end. If it goes in my favor, I'll post it to my blog tonight.

Mad's Bike - edge of town

Retro Cruz

Madeline's New Bike

Atlas bike

My New Bike

Photo by Madeline

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Parents at the Beach

I don't remember ever seeing this picture before this last trip to Charlotte. It's a snapshot of my parents goofing around on the beach before they got married. It's become one of my all time favorite pictures.


I bought this light on my trip to Charlotte.

Wizzzer Cabinet

For quite a while now, I've been talking about getting a lighted display cabinet to display my Wiz-z-zers and Wizzzer paraphernalia. So when this one came up on our ISP the other day, I bought it. I think I started collecting Wizzzers in 1969 when they were first introduced by Mattel. My dad had given me an old doctor's bag that I used to carry my Wizzers and Duncan yo-yo's around in.

Floor Lamp

Table Lamp

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Angry Trout Cafe

The Angry Trout is opening this weekend! I'll have paintings there again this summer. Vist the Angry Trout online at

Wild Onion Cafe

The Wild Onion will be opening soon in Grand Marais. I'll have paintings there again this summer. Visit the Wild Onion online at