Friday, March 03, 2006


This morning I went over to the Pie Place and put titles on all my paintings. I have 10 paintings over there... 9 of pine trees (one with a moose, two with the Gunflint Trail), and one of pink Lupines. Five are on wood, five on paper. Kathy said when she was waiting tables last night she felt like she was walking through a pine forest. I like that! In the photo above, the larger framed painting is 4'x4'.

Now today I'll be putting the final touches on my show opening in the caboose at 5:00 this afternoon. Susan sent me a beautiful flower arrangement yesterday that I will put on the refreshment table. That was so sweet. With all she has going on, it means a lot to me that she thinks of me.


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Windrose said...

Loveyoutoo, without my friends I couldn't invent my new life:) Susan