Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Focusing On Grand Marais

Most people in my town think of me as a painter. I was actually a photography major in Art School. For several years, I have been photographing Grand Marais, Minnesota, the beautiful town I am lucky enough to live in. My photos have appeared several times in the local newspapers, and also in George Wilkes' book The Angry Trout Notebook. For the first time, I am going to be exhibiting and selling my photos in the gallery.

The Grand Marais harbor is my favorite location to shoot photos. Every day, the mood of Lake Superior is different. The sky is so moody, and reflected in the water. Sunrise, sunset. Encased in ice or summer sun. Washed in spray, bathed in late afternoon glow or that timeless feeling of crisp blue northern air. The familiar boats I know by name, buildings that have been demolished one way or another, documenting the constantly changing harborscape.

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Windrose said...

No, this one is my favorite.... or both of the ones I chose, the other one has waves!