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Orange Sky 48" x 24"
Tres Pesces

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Public Art

Exerpt from the Cook County News Herald, May 9, 2015:


by Brian Larsen

Sitting on a couch in front of Hughie's Tacos, Tim Young was minding his business as he waited for a truck to come take him and his newly found sofa away. He looked oddly out of place yet ever so comfortable.

But beware of where you sit in Grand Marais. Moving Matters Assista nt Coordinator Maren Webb spotted the unflappable artist and asked him to stand and explain the public art project he is creating to a group of 35-40 people who were on a walking tour of Grand Marais on Tuesday, April 28.

The group was made up of staff from projects funded by the Center for Prevention at Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). They came from Red Wing, Minneapolis, St. Paul and Grand Rapids and they were in town to see firsthand the new outdoor designs and transportation improvements the community has made in nab effort to get residents off the couch and outside.

Young has been commissioned by one of the 13 organizations and businesses that received mini-grants from the 2015 Great Place Project. This summer he is going to paint and mount a locally themed mural on the walls of the Birchbark Books and Gifts. He pointed across the street to the large trout painted on the Coma Oil propane tank by Betsy Bowen and the ceramic wildlife mural elementary students made on the outside west wall of the Johnson's Grocery as two examples of public art projects. (continued on page A7)

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Spring 2015

Wow, I haven't posted much lately!

I did a painting demo for the residents of the North Shore Hospital and Care Center this afternoon (see post below).

Today I dropped off the four 4' square paintings that will be mounted on the side of Birchbark Books and Gifts in Grand Marais! Good to get them out of my studio so I can work on my next show for Coho Cafe, going up July 31. The four paintings depict 1) The Hjørdis, with books flying around as seagulls, 2) A sunset with the Grand Marais lighthouse silhouetted against it, 3) A moose with Northern Lights and 4) An inland lakeshore with trees and canoes, with books hidden in the trees.

Looks like it will be a busy summer, so check back for more updates!

Painting Demo today at the Care Center

It was a beautiful day to be outside on the patio at the Care Center! I did a quick painting while talking with the residents, and we had a good time!